International Courts and Environmental Protection

2 March 2009



A new book by  Dr Tim Stephens   provides the first comprehensive examination of international environmental litigation.

International Courts and Environmental Protection, published by Cambridge University Press, delivers:

  • a comprehensive and critical account of all major international judicial decisions and arbitral awards in the environmental field
  • charts the development of international environmental law through landmark judicial decisions
  • provides a clear and accessible account of the main areas of international law that have been subject to international judicial attention

"International environmental law has come of age, yet the global environment continues to deteriorate," said Dr  Stephens. 

"The challenge of the twenty-first century is to reverse this process by ensuring that governments comply fully with their obligations, and progressively assume stricter duties to preserve the environment."

Dr Stephens is a Senior Lecturer at the Sydney Law School.

His areas of expertise include national and international climate change law; public international law; international environmental law; law of the sea and international dispute settlement.

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