Australia's military mission in Afghanistan

10 March 2009



Dr Ben Saul spoke on Australia's military mission in Afghanistan on  SBS TV's Dateline recently.

The program spoke with an Afghan family who claim to have witnessed several children being killed when Australian troops stormed their home in Oruzgan Province.

Dr Saul speculated on whether the claim could lead to charges of war crimes against Australian troops

"If you acted recklessly, then it still could be a war crime," Dr Saul said.

"So the important thing is to ensure that you're taking proper precautions to identify the enemy and to identify the civilians in the area and the likely costs to those civilians.

"The question then becomes - what was the information upon which the Australian forces relied?

"How good was that information, what was the quality of it?

"Where did it come from?

"Depending upon the answers to those questions, you might find whether Australian forces were reckless or not."

To view the entire transcript - A Survivor's Tale 

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