Ethics and Law for the Health Professions

18 March 2009

Sydney Law School would like to congratulate co-author Associate Professor Cameron Stewart on the new third edition Ethics and Law for the Health Professions.

A cross-disciplinary medico-legal book, this new edition is fully revised with all ethics and law topics updated to reflect recent developments.

New chapters include dealing specifically with children, health care and the environment, infectious diseases, public health, and ethics and chronic disease.

All law sections have been extensively re-visited by Associate ProfessorCameron Stewart.

"Previous editions of this book have been widely used in the medical world," said Professor Belinda Bennett, Director of the Centre for Health Governance, Law and Ethics.

"It is a wonderful addition to the Australian health law literature."

Professor Terry Carney added, "Its special features are its focus on a clinically relevant approach, and its recognition that health care professionals are often confronted by legal issues and ethical issues at the same time.

"Health professionals have to satisfy both, and their legal advisers need to be aware of the dilemmas this can present.

"This book is careful to distinguish between ethics and law.

"Its chapters take account of all the health professions, and their differing responsibilities, and cover a very wide range of the issues they face."

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