Civilising Globalisation

18 March 2009

The new book by Professor David Kinley, Civilising Globalisation explores the interaction between Human Rights and the Global Economy.

Due for release in July 2009, the book outlines the intellectual, policy and practical frameworks for ensuring that the global economy advances the ends of human rights, argues for better exploitation of the global economy's capacity to distribute as well as create wealth, and proposes mechanisms by which to minimise and manage the socially debilitating effects of its market failures and financial meltdowns.

"Economic globalisation and universal human rights both have the aspiration and power to improve and enrich individuals and communities," Professor Kinley says

"However, their respective institutions, methods, practices and goals differ, leading to both detrimental clashes and beneficial synergies."

Professor Kinley analyses how human rights intersect with the trade, aid and commercial dimensions of global economic relations, taking the view that, while the global economy is a vitally important civilising instrument, it itself requires civilising according to human rights standards.

Early reviews include one by Pascal Lamy, Director-General, World Trade Organization (WTO), commenting, "Professor Kinley offers a thoughtful assessment of two indispensable elements in our society today: global economic progress and human rights.

"He points out that too often human rights and trade experts have talked past each other, failing to appreciate the important linkages between the two issues.

"It is undeniable that a better understanding of the relationship between the global economy and human rights will improve our capacity to both enhance human rights and make the global economy work better for all.

"Professor Kinley's book makes an important contribution to this debate."

Civilising Globalisation, Human Rights and the Global Economy (Cambridge University Press, July 2009)

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