Perjury lands Marcus Einfeld in prison

26 March 2009

Dr Murray Lee says the fairness of the case against disgraced former Judge Marcus Einfeld inevitably rested on the context in which it was judged.

Speaking on The Wire, Dr Murray Lee comments that the sentence is fair if perjury is treated as a serious offence in this instance the sentence is not to reflect the speeding offence, it was perjuring himself a number of times.

Dr Murray Lee also pronounces that Einfield is not a threat to society where imprisonment doesn't serve any purpose, it's just the fact that perjury is treated seriously as he got such a long custodial sentence.

He believes other alternatives to sentencing such as community sanction, or wearing of a tracking device may reflect that he is not a serious concern to society, but to convey the strong message of inappropriate behaviour, especially from someone who spent so long as a public figure and who sat in judgement of others.

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