International Executive Remuneration Workshop

24 April 2009

Executive remuneration has become the flashpoint of the current global financial crisis.

In February 2009, new guidelines were introduced in the US restricting executive pay for companies receiving government financial assistance under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), and a range of reform proposals are currently under consideration in Australia to deal with the perceived problem of "extreme capitalism".

Similar concerns and developments are evident in Europe and Asia.

On 9 May 2009, Sydney Law School and Vanderbilt Law School will host an important Workshop on "International Executive Remuneration", which will be held in Cambridge, England.

The Workshop has been organised by Professor Jennifer Hill, on behalf of the Ross Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate and Taxation Law, and Professor Randall Thomas, on behalf of Vanderbilt Law School.

The invited participants at the Workshop include some of the leading international scholars in corporate governance and executive remuneration.

The speakers will present papers on a range of current topics relating to executive pay, including European proposals to address remuneration problems; a comparison of US and Australian executive contracts; termination of CEO contracts; and the design of executive pay, including the role of compensation consultants.

Speakers and commentators at the Workshop include:

International Executive Remuneration Workshop Conference Program

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