Sydney Law School student wins 2009 Sydney Chinese Lions Humanitarian Scholarship

10 June 2009

Final year Arts/Law student, Annabelle Chauncy (BA 2007) is the winner of the 2009 Sydney Chinese Lions Humanitarian Scholarship.

Annabelle has always been involved in humanitarian aid work.

Between 2001-03, she was school leader of Youthbeat - a youth project which addressed drugs, alcohol, and other youth problems.

In 2007, she travelled to Kenya and Uganda on a self-funded three month volunteer program, living in a remote village, teaching over 50 children in a mud hut, and renovating a small orphanage there.

Recognising education as a means to breaking the poverty cycle, she undertook the voluntary role of Project Manager of Hands of Help's Uganda and facilitated volunteers on a school construction project.

Since 2008, together with another co-founder, she created United Future Foundation (UFF), a non-profit organisation.

UFF is planning to build a primary school/vocational training centre in Uganda in July 2010, focussing on children and youth with limited access to education.

Their goals are expansive and aim at benefitting the whole community, offering sustainable and free education for disadvantaged individuals such as orphans, HIV/AIDS victims and school drop-outs.

UFF has received sponsorships from a number of professional firms, as well as the Ugandan High Commission in Canberra.

These sponsorships will ensure the viability and perpetuation of the project.

Annabelle will continue to work on a pro bono basis for UFF to undertake humanitarian services for those in need.

The Sydney Law School extends its congratulations to Annabelle.

Contact: Greg Sherington

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