Inaugural Matt Laffan Memorial Address in Social Justice

26 June 2009

"And I think the major point of destiny for me, in my own small way, is hopefully the kinetic energy I might pass on to others. So my own story might be a fairly simple one in the end, but if it rubs off on other people- those who've been close to me or those who've just come across me- and they go on to do greater and bigger things, well, that's a destiny in itself, which I believe in. I believe in that."

Matt Laffan- Australian Story- 2001

Left to right:Mr Nick Farr-Jones AM, Mr Dick Laffan, Ms Jessica Farr-Jones, Mrs Jennifer Laffan, Mr Graeme Innes, Prof Gillian Triggs, Prof Lee Burns.

On Tuesday, 23rd of June 2009, the Sydney Law School hosted the inaugural Matt Laffan Memorial Address in Social Justice. Matt Laffan was a Sydney Law School alumnus who sadly passed away on the 1st of March 2009 after he fought and lost the biggest battle of his colourful and active life. In memoriam of the significant impact Matt had in his short life, the Sydney Law School has established an annual social justice address in his honour.

The evening commenced with a recolletion of Matt by former Wallabies captain and Sydney Law School alumnus Nick Farr-Jones AM. This was followed by an address by Graeme Innes AM, Human Rights Commissioner and Disability Discrimination Commisioner, Australian Human Rights Commission.

St John's College has established a scholarship in support of a disabled student or students in memory of Matt Laffan. Details of the scholarship can be found on theMatt Laffan website. Donations to the Rector and Fellows of St John's College, which will be directed to the Matt Laffan Scholarship, are tax deductible.

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