Investor Class Actions

10 July 2009

Investor Class Actions, edited by KE Lindgren, Justice of the Federal Court of Australia and Adjunct Professor, Sydney Law School was published on 9 July 2009 by the Ross Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate and Taxation Law.

This book, the 6th in a series of monographs, comprises the papers and proceedings of a conference of the same name held at the Federal Court on 10 March 2009.

Contributors to the monograph include Professor Geoffrey P. Miller (New York University), Professor Tyrone Carlin (University of Sydney), Associate Professor Vince Morabito (Monash University), Dr Peter Cashman (University of Sydney) and Ashley Black, (Mallesons Stephen Jaques).

This book will be of particular interest to solicitors and barristers who represent those who bring class actions, litigation funders, academics and law reformers.

Conference registrants will receive a complimentary copy.

The sale price is $59.95 and $5 postage & handling.

Further information can be found on the Publications section of the Ross Parsons Centre website.

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