Change to Honours policy

24 August 2009

The Sydney Law School has an outstanding reputation in teaching, learning and consistently attracts a high calibre of students.

In 2009, for example, theLaw Schoolhad the highest UAI entrance score in NSW of 99.55 for its combined degree.

We regularly review our grading and standards policies in order to ensure that we maintain our reputation and that employers can be assured of the quality of our graduates.

As part of a new Honours system which will be fully implemented in 2013 (in which only the top 20% of graduates will be awarded Honours), the Law School has decided to amend the rules for regulating the award of Distinctions and High Distinctions in its LLB courses.

The rules now stipulate that from second semester 2008 no more than 10% of students can be awarded High Distinctions and no more than 30% can be awarded Distinctions in LLB courses. In many cases in the past, the award of these grades has not exceeded these stipulated targets anyway.

The new Faculty standard is comparable to that of other law schools.

In those cases where students are now awarded fewer High Distinctions and Distinctions, this ought not to reflect on the quality of the student or their academic and potential capabilities.

Be assured that students who attain credit grades have achieved a commendable academic standard.

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