Mastering the Law

25 August 2009

The Dean, Professor Gillian Triggs comments on Sydney Law School's increased postgraduate enrolment numbers in the latest edition of Australasian Legal Business.

"It is hard to say what is the major driver of our increased enrolment numbers - whether it is our competitive edge, the economy, reputation for research or even simply it is that we now have the finest law teaching building in the world," Professor Triggs says.

"The focus upon the local market which Australian institutions offer is also of use to young lawyers who decide to study locally.

"Where to study often depends on the actual chosen field, as sometimes an Australian Master's would be much more relevant to practice than an overseas one."

Professor Triggs also comments upon the rise in legal professionals undertaking higher education.

"Lawyers didn't typically do PhDs unless they intended to be academics.Whereas I recently had a new PhD student who is a successful barrister. We are seeing a very significant change in that regard.

"Lawyers understand that law is such a dynamic field of study, they have become more interested in keeping up with change.

"They need specialist skills to compete in the legal environment, particularly with courses having an international or transnational element.

"We think it is very likely that young people in particular are being encouraged by their employers, perhaps to work fewer hours in the slowing economy, not to be made redundant, but to take on the opportunity to complete another degree."

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