Master of Global Law - New for 2010

3 September 2009

Sydney Law School announces the launch of its 2010 Postgraduate Program with a new degree - the Master of Global Law.

The Master of Global Law (MGlobL)

This specialist coursework Masters provides candidates with the opportunity to gain exposure to units of study in international law, comparative and foreign law, and domestic (Australian) law.

The first of its kind in Australia, the program will provide opportunities for candidates to expand their legal and business careers and extend beyond Australia's borders into the truly global world of business and legal education.

Candidates can choose from up to 125 units of study in any given year, the largest choice of any coursework Masters at the Law School besides the Master of Laws (LLM).

"Global law encompasses not just international law, but an approach to law that is transnational in scope, taking in the domestic laws of different countries, and integrating an understanding of domestic regimes within the context of international laws, instruments and institutions," said Program Coordinator and Associate Dean (Postgraduate Coursework), Professor Roger Magnusson.

"It is a Masters program that reflects the growing importance for lawyers and non-lawyers to recognise how the practice and application of the law transcends domestic boundaries."

2010 Sydney Law School Postgraduate Program

Once again, the launch of Sydney Law School's Postgraduate Program coincides with the publication of a comprehensive Postgraduate Guide and enhanced online presentation of its units.

Sydney Law School continues to offer one of Australia's largest postgraduate programmes in law, with over 170 units of study scheduled to be taught in 2010.

70% of these units of study will be delivered in the popular intensive format, where units can be completed in four to five days, either in a block or consecutive format.

In addition, Sydney Law School will offer 30 new units of study.

The new units include:

While Sydney Law School will continue to teach some of its semester length units of study at its former premises in the Sydney CBD, the majority of its units, both intensive and semester length, will be taught at the Law School Building on the University of Sydney's main campus.

Please check the Sydney Law School Postgraduate Timetable for the latest information and updates.

Off-Shore Delivery

In relation to off-shore study, Sydney Law School will again deliver its two units in Japan - Japanese Law and Japanese Law & the Economy.

Further, the Sydney Law School in Europe Program will host three units of study at locations in Germany and the United Kingdom, while offshore study in China continues with the Shanghai Winter School and the Environmental Law unit, Sustainable Development in China.

The Sydney LLM + Coursework & Research

Sydney Law School delivers its Sydney LLM - Master of Laws (LLM) - alongside its specialist postgraduate coursework programs, with a number of diverse qualifications open to Non-Lawyers, including the aforementioned Master of Global Law (MGlobL).

It also has Australia's largest number of postgraduate research students in law and was the first Australian law school to introduce a Doctor of Juridical Studies (SJD), a unique qualification that permits the completion of a 75,000 word thesis alongside units in coursework.

2009 Sydney Law School Postgraduate Information Evening

Alternatively, we encourage you to attend the 2009 Sydney Law School Postgraduate Information Evening, where you can talk face-to-face with our academic and professional staff from each of our Postgraduate Coursework and Research Programs, as well as Graduate Law, about your study options.

The 2009 Sydney Law School Postgraduate Information Evening takes place on Thursday, 17th September from 5:30pm to 7pm in the ground floor foyer of the Sydney Law School Building, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney.

Register for the 2009 Sydney Law School Postgraduate Information Evening.

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You can also order an Information Pack that includes the 2010 Sydney Law School Postgraduate Law Guide.

Register for the 2009 Sydney Law School Postgraduate Information Evening

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