Kyoto/Tokyo Seminar Program in Japanese Law

9 September 2009

Applications are now open for Sydney Law School's Offshore Program in Japan.

As part of an exciting initiative with Ritsumeikan University, Sydney Law School will deliver a program in Japanese Law and Japanese Law and the Economy that takes place in Kyoto and Tokyo respectively at separate times in February 2010.

Students will attend an introductory class in Sydney on1 February 2010 before attending classes during 8-12 February (Kyoto) and 15-18 February 2010 (Tokyo).

"Japan's recent general election has reminded us that it is a vibrant democracy, as well as Australia's most important partner in economic and security affairs in our region," said coordinator, Associate Professor Luke Nottage.

"Students will experience the country first-hand and take classes in English comparing its legal system."

Postgraduate students can enrol in either the Kyoto or Tokyo Seminars (LAWS6879 Japanese Law or LAWS6901 Japanese Law and the Economy, respectively) or in both. Each unit of study is worth 6 credit points.

Undergraduate students must attend both seminars. They will enrol in either LAWS3444 Japanese Law (6 credit points) or LAWS3076 Japanese Law (8 credit points), depending on their enrolment status.

Applications are welcome from students at other Australian Law Schools who can enrol on a cross-institutional basis.

Seminars are co-taught by Australian and Japanese professors and practitioners and involve law students from other parts of the world and top Japanese law students.

Spaces are limited and applications are due 9 October 2009.

Further information is available at Kyoto/Tokyo Seminar Program in Japanese Law - Centre for Asian and Pacific Law (CAPLUS)

Download the Kyoto/Tokyo Seminar Program in Japanese Law flyer

Visit the Alumni page for the Kyoto or Tokyo Seminars in Japanese Law on Facebook.

Contact: Greg Sherington

Phone: +61 2 9351 0202

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