ICAC and the Michael McGurk Murder Inquiry

10 September 2009

Associate Professor Anne Twomey says giving more resources to ICAC would be less expensive than conducting a Royal Commission, in the wake of the murder of Sydney property developer, Michael McGurk.

In interview on ABC Radio Sydney 2BL - Mornings with Deborah Cameron, Associate Professor Twomey believes ICAC has been doing some good work at a lower level, such as the Wollongong City Council Inquiry and Railcorp and that we should not jump to conclusions.

"All government departments have had their funding reduced, which makes it difficult for ICAC to do everything it wants," Associate Professor Twomey asserts.

"Royal Commissions costs a lot of money and need to be fully justified.

"Corruption allegations in the State Government is very high level, which ICAC doesn't deal with as often.

"The onus is on the ICAC Commissioner to put the case forward if the resources are preventing functions of the ICAC."

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