Increased uptake in the Sydney LLM

28 September 2009

Sydney LLM Program Coordinator, Dr Arlie Loughnan comments on the growing popularity of this flagship coursework degree.

In an interview with Lawyers Weekly, Dr Loughnan says there has been a noticeable uptake in the Sydney LLM and the degree is becoming increasingly more popular and more likely to be held by practising or emerging lawyers.

"The way it's being recognised by the profession generally is that in order to differentiate yourself from your colleagues, you now need to seek to do something over and above the minimum requirements.

"Obviously it's (an LLM) not a requirement, but I think it's going more and more in that direction for some students."

Dr Loughnan suggests three good reasons for already qualified lawyers to commence an LLM.

The first, she says, is to gain a qualification in a field a student may already specialise in.

"So if somebody is working in labour law or migration, a specialist LLM is another recognition of that specialist knowledge and externally tested recognition of that knowledge," she says.

The second reason is for those students wishing to move from one area to another to gain academic exposure and place themselves in a more competitive position for when applying for jobs.

"For example," says Loughnan, "for people in private commercial practice who are seeking government work - they might do a masters with subjects in administrative law, migration, constitutional law or other related areas."

Third, Loughnan says, lawyers might look to undertake an LLM in order to "top up" their undergraduate degree.

"So ifsomebody has just finished their LLB they may seek to go straight into a masters in order to be, at the end of the process, just that much more competitive with other graduates who are looking for jobs."

Sydney Law School will again offer one of Australia's largest postgraduate coursework programs in law for 2010 and will deliver a new degree - the Master of Global Law (MGlobL).

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