Professor Belinda Bennett appointed to Embryo Research Committee

21 October 2009

The Federal Government has appointed Professor Belinda Bennett to the National Health Medical & Research Council Embryo Research Licensing Committee for the 2009-2012 triennium.

New members are drawn from a range of areas of expertise and the committee considers applications for licences to carry out research involving human embryos, determines whether or not to issue these licences and, if they are issued, to decide whether or not conditions should apply.

It also monitors licensed activities and ensures compliance with legislation through the appointment of inspectors and by taking necessary enforcement action such as revocation or suspensions of licences.

The legislation under which the committee operates are the Research Involving Human Embryos Act 2002 (which regulates research involving human embryos created by ART or other means) and the Prohibition of Human Cloning for Reproduction Act 2002 (which prohibits human cloning for the reproductive purposes and other practices relating to reproductive technology).

Professor Belinda Bennett is Director of the Law School's Centre for Health Governance, Law and Ethics and is a Fellow of the University of Sydney Senate.

Information courtesy of Australian Medicine.

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