Do too many people go to University?

10 November 2009

Fourth year Economics/Law student, Steve Hind, and final year Arts/Law student, Naomi Oreb, will be on opposing teams in this evening's debate at the Seymour Centre, alongside some of Australia's top educators.

Steve is Director of Debates at the University of Sydney Union and is a recent finalist and top five individual speaker at the World Intervarsity Championships.

He will line up alongside Andrew Smith, Executive Director of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training, and Stephen Matchett, former marketing director for Monash University and the University of Western Sydney and now a columnist for The Australian in favour of the motion that "Too Many People go to University."

Naomi, on the other hand, who is a member of the University of Sydney debating team and wasnamed Best Individual Speaker at the 2009 World Universities Debating Championship, will join the Vice Chancellor, Dr Michael Spence and Adam Spencer, ABC broadcaster and graduate of the University of Sydney, with a First Class honours degree in Pure Mathematics, as well as a former University debater and one-time winner of the World's Best Speaker at the World Universities Debating Championships, to counter the motion.

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