Re-Imagining International Criminal Justice

30 November 2009

International criminal justice means different things to different audiences.

Lawyers in general argue that aspirations for international criminal trials in particular should not incorporate peace-making and conflict resolution.

As part of the workshop, Re-imagining International Criminal Justicethe assertion ' International Criminal Trials: all Law and no Justice?'

will be put to the test in a public debate titled Is it all Law and No Justice?

The team in the affirmative will be led by Professor Mark Findlay (of the Sydney Law School and Sydney Institute of Criminology) and the team against will be led by Mark Ierace SC (former ICTY Prosecutor).

The issues to be debated are the merits of the current (more or less) conventional trial model that operates, for example, in the ICTY, ICTR and the Special Court for Sierra Leone, versus alternative models such as the ICC, which give an independent voice to victims in the trial process, truth and reconciliation, alternative intervention strategies and dispute resolution, and so on.

This would enable us to explore victim satisfaction, developed world imposition of justice models that are perhaps alien to the victims' cultures, whether "justice" objectives are met (particularly which model better contributes to mending fences between warring communities) and value for money.

Under the moderation of Mark Tedeschi SC (Senior Crown Prosecutor), lawyers and academics will go head to head and the battle lines will be drawn. It promises to be an event not to be missed.

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