Update from the 2009 Peter Cameron Sydney Oxford Scholar

6 January 2010

2009 Peter Cameron Sydney Oxford Scholar, Aaron Rathmell (BEcSocSc 2006, LLB 2008) provided an update on his progress at Oxford University, where has the opportunity to read for the Bachelor of Civil Laws (BCL).

Applications for the 2010 Peter Cameron Sydney Oxford Scholarship close on Friday 22 January 2010.

Greetings from Oxford.

It was a very busy and very engaging first term. After some agonisingover subject choices (the range of electives is extraordinary), I settled on the following: Philosophical Foundations of Common Law; Constitutional Theory; European Employment and Equality Law; and Evidence.

Philosophical Foundations and Evidence are, I hope, challenging and refining my general instincts for practise, in very different ways. European Employment Law is building on my research interest in that area and giving me some insight into the hugely complex and interesting European Union legal system. And Constitutional Theory is giving me the chance to read some of the classic public law jurisprudence in a really focused way.

The teaching in each of these courses is exacting and intimate. In European Employment Law seminars, for instance, just three students sit across the table from three leading professors each week, though in a beautiful room in St John's College - with tea and biscuits at the one hour mark!

I suspect next term will see the heat turned up much higher still, with more tutorial based learning and essays.

Aside from the work, I am spending time at Exeter College for lunch and in the Middle Common Room; also playing 'Real Tennis' at Merton College, and have been getting about Oxford on my rather early model bicycle (enjoying it slightly less now winter has set in).

The community of students here is fantastic: I am making new friends and enjoying reading with old friends from Sydney University, Redfern Legal and from my time in the NSW Courts. (Such is the number of Australians on the BCL that at the induction lecture the Dean, Timothy Endicott, joked to the candidature that Oxford is but a finishing school for Australian lawyers).

Again, I am very grateful for the opportunity provided by the Scholarship, and am drawing inspiration and motivation from thatopportunity.

Aaron Rathmell, BEcSocSc (2006), LLB (2008)

Applications for the 2010 Peter Cameron Sydney Oxford Scholarship close on Friday 22 January 2010.

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