Court action could prevent whaling

12 January 2010

Australia would have a strong case to show that whaling by the Japanese in the Southern Ocean was commercial rather than scientific, according to Dr Tim Stephens.

In an article for The Drum Unleashed on ABC Online, and in extensive media coverage, including in the Sydney Morning Herald, Channel Nine News and the 7pm Project on Channel Ten, Dr Stephens asserts that while Australia's sovereignty over the Southern Ocean is recognised by only a handful of countries, preventing it from policing the area or preventing foreigners from whaling, court action is still a distinct possibility.

"The high seas high jinks that seem to take place every summer in the Southern Ocean are getting increasingly out of hand.

"The dangerous direct action being taken by Sea Shepherd cannot be condoned, but nor can the disproportionate response by the Japanese.

"Ultimately this confrontation will only be brought to an end through peaceful means, by diplomacy, and if necessary by the use of international litigation."

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