A "sleight-of-hand-trick"?

5 March 2010

Associate Professor Anne Twomey questions whether the federal government wants true responsibility for health, following the release of its Health Plan this week.

In article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Associate Professor Twomey argues the plan would not stop the blame game between Canberra and the states and that it isa ''sleight-of-hand trick'' which merely rebadged existing funds.

''If you really wanted to stop the blame game, you'd want the Commonwealth to be funding [hospitals] 100 per cent or running them itself,'' she stipulates, rather than the proposed 60-40 split "which still allowed for finger-pointing."

''At the end of the day, who is responsible for someone dying in a hospital because of an error?

"The Commonwealth doesn't want that responsibility and is not prepared to take it.''

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