Online dating and relocation disputes

8 March 2010

A new study by Sydney Law School researchers shows online dating is having a devastating impact on already-broken homes.

Professor Patrick Parkinson AM, Associate Professor Judith Cashmore and Research Fellow, Judi Single have been following 40 men and 40 women involved in 71 relocation cases since 2006.

Their research reveals that the growth of internet romances is combining with a rise in broken relationships, increases in international mobility and the tyranny of distances in Australia to make relocation a more vexed issue than ever.

''Internet-based introduction services have radically increased the opportunities for separated parents to meet new people, and the connections thus formed are supported by very cheap modes of communication such as email, internet 'chat' programs, and web-based telephone or video communication,'' they wrote in an article for US journal Family Law Quarterly.

View the article - Secret web of sorrow when parents move on - Sydney Morning Herald

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