Exile to Iran: Sheikh's son faces deportation

17 March 2010

Associate Professor Ben Saul comments on the case of Ali Leghaei and his impending deportation by ASIO because of his connection to his father, Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, in an interview with ABC Radio Triple J's Current Affairs Program, Hack.

According to reports,Ali Leghaei's father was investigated by ASIO while he attended primary school.

In turn, an adverse security assessment led to Ali's application for permanent residency being rejected.

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei and his family have been living on a bridging visa for the last fifteen years as they fought to have the ASIO security assessment overturned.

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei says he has not been given access to the findings made against him.

"If you are not allowed do see evidence made against you, this contravenes human rights law," Associate Professor Ben Saul asserts.

Listen to the podcast - Exile to Iran: Sheikh's son faces deportation - Triple J - Hack

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