Australia's Anti-Terrorism Laws and the Tamil Tigers

31 March 2010

Associate Professor Ben Saul commented on the case of three Australian citizens charged with terrorism offences in 2007 for their support of the Tamil Tigers.

According to reports, The Sri Lankan Deputy Solicitor-General, Yasantha Kodagoda, exercised extensive control over aspects of the Sri Lankan arm of the federal police investigation, including demands that he advise local witnesses and be present when they testified.

However, all terrorism charges against the three were dropped last year and theirdefence lawyer said the reliance on Sri Lankan officials to sustain the initial terrorism charges made Australia a partisan player in a bloody civil war.

In an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Associate Professor Saul said anti-terrorism laws in Australia had ''essentially criminalised waging a civil war'', creating serious consequences for Australian citizens financially supporting one side of a civil conflict in another country.

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