Put rein on sex-abuse priests

19 May 2010

Allowing a priest to work at a primary school while facing child sex abuse claims is ''unthinkable,'' says Professor Patrick Parkinson AM.

Professor Parkinson, who twice reviewed the Australian Catholic Church's complaints process, also said the delays that victims faced were ''just not on'', and that the church should act against priests trying to slow down the complaints process, in an article in The Age newspaper.

The Age revealed that Sydney priest Finian Egan twice took overseas holidays during a church inquiry into his abuse of girls in the 1980s.

Melbourne priest Padraic Maye worked at St Augustine's Primary School in Yarraville in 2004 and 2005, despite police and the church being told of claims he had abused two sisters in the 1990s.

While not commenting on any specific case, Professor Parkinson said it would be ''unthinkable'' to allow a priest to work at schools after he faced claims of child abuse.

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