The Rudd Government and Human Rights

18 June 2010

Despite starting well, in recent months the Rudd government's leadership credentials on human rights have begun to fall apart, writes Associate Professor Ben Saul.

In an opinion piece in today's edition of The Australian, Associate Professor Saul asserts that one of the reasons for the success of the Kevin 07 campaign was a pledge to remake Australia into a good global citizen after human-rights problems under John Howard.

"Labor is (now) bleeding votes to the Greens, and some to the opposition, because it is now seen to stand for nothing: it is neither as tough on easy targets as the opposition, nor as decent as the Greens.

"Lurching a bit to the right, but not far enough, is an odd political strategy that wins few votes and alienates many."

View the entire article - How labor came a cropper on human rights - The Australian

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