2010 Ross Parsons Corporate Law Address: Fraud on the Market in the US - Can it be Fixed?

15 July 2010

Professor Reinier Kraakman from Harvard Law School will deliver the 2010 Ross Parsons Corporate Law Address.

Entitled Fraud on the Market in the US - Can it be Fixed? it will explore whether fraud on the market doctrine in combination with American class action rules represents the odd spectacle of a thriving area of litigation that employs sophisticated consulting firms and financial economists.

"But that, in its current form, finds very little support amongst American legal academics," says Professor Kraakman.
"In crude terms this doctrine permits a class of shareholders who buy or sell shares to sue for out-of-pocket damages if a material misrepresentation made 'knowingly' distorts market prices.

"This address will discuss parties to these actions, the effects of such actions and possible reforms."
The Address will be followed by a panel discussion featuring:

The panel will discuss a range of issues relating to the doctrine of fraud on the market in the Australian context.

Professor Jennifer Hill of Sydney Law School will chair the address.
Reinier Kraakman is the Ezra Ripley Thayer Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, where he teaches corporate law, corporate finance, and seminars on comparative corporate law and theoretical aspects of corporate and securities law.

He was previously a clerk for Judge Henry J Friendly of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and a Professor of Law at Yale Law School.

He has also been a visiting professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, New York University Law School and at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands.

He is a Fellow of the European Corporate Governance Institute.

He has also advised on company law reform in Russia and Vietnam, and has consulted with the Bank of International Settlements on reform of its corporate governance practices.

Professor Kraakman has written numerous articles on corporate law and corporate governance and is principal author of several books.

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Venue: Federal Court of Australia
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Time: 5-7pm

Location: Federal Court of Australia, Court 1, Level 21, Law Courts Building, Queens Square

Cost: Free

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