Unfair Dismissal Laws

20 July 2010

Professor Ron McCallum, AO comments on reports that a Coalition Government may ease unfair dismissal restrictions if elected.

In an article in today'sSydney Morning Herald, Professor McCallum says an incumbent Government had "enormous power" to influence workplace law by directing the Fair Work tribunal to hear award modernisation matters; make submissions; and appoint judges.

However, he did not believe regulations could be used to reintroduce invidiual contracts.

"They (the Abbot Opposition) obviously don't want to fight a Work Choices election.

"Business has made it clear that they have let them down.

"The opposition is saying well, we're not going to change the legislation, we can try other aspects," Professor McCallum asserts.

View the entire article - Pressure on Liberals for dismissals move - Sydney Morning Herald

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