Alumnus and CEO of Deutsche Bank (Asia-Pacific), Robert Rankin (BEc 1986, LLB 1988)

26 July 2010

Robert Rankin (BEc 1986, LLB 1988), Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Bank for the Asia-Pacific spoke about Australia's commercial relationships with Asia in an exclusive interview with The Australian.

"I always believed since my days at Sydney University that there was going to be an irreversible shift in economic power to the East - and what comes with that is geopolitical power," he said.

"We used to debate back at university whether Australia could become the quarry, the farm, the school, and the hotel of Asia," he said.

"That was at the time of (then-treasurer Paul) Keating taking down barriers to trade, floating our dollar, and when we all started talking openly about our engagement and place in the region."

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