Schapelle Corby and the Bali Nine

30 July 2010

Dr Simon Butt comments on reports that Indonesia's Supreme Court may recommend that convicted drug smuggler, Schapelle Corby's sentence be significantly reduced during an interview with Steve Liebemann on Radio 2UE.

"Corby asked earlier in the year for clemency and in Indonesia, prisoners' sentences are commonly reduced on religious holidays and the like.

"However,the reports are yet to be confirmed so it is difficult to comment.

"Corby has not admitted guilt so far and to apply for clemency one normally has to admit guilt.

"A French prisoner had a drug sentence reduced so that could be a good sign."

In relation to the Bali Nine and Scott Rush's appeal, Dr Butt says the outcome of that is not known yet.

"The other Bali Nine lodged appeals long ago and they had their sentences reduced.

"Hopefully Rush's sentence will be reduced to life in prison."

Listen to the Podcast - Call for Schapelle Corby clemency - 2UE Mornings with Steve Liebemann

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