The David Jones $37 Million Sexual Harrassment Case

4 August 2010

Professor Ron McCallum, AO comments on the sexual harrassment lawsuit against retail giant, David Jones by a former employee.

In an interview with Adam Spencer on ABC Radio 2BL Breakfast, Professor McCallum says employers are responsible under the Federal Sexual Discrimination Act where they do not take action to prevent sexual harassment in their workforce.

"However, punitive damages have never been awarded in Australia in a sex discrimination case to the best ofmy knowledge, although there have been a number of undisclosed settlements.

"The claim made by Miss Kristy Fraser-Kirk against David Jones is an extraordinary amount and I would question how it is linked with profits."

Download the audio - DJ's Lawsuit - ABC Radio 2BL Breakfast with Adam Spencer

Professor McCallum also contributed an opinion piece in the Legal Affairs section of The Australian:

View the article - DJs sex case takes a path less travelled - The Australian

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