Staff and students run for beyondblue

12 August 2010

Over 100 staff and students participated in the annualCity2Surfin support of beyondblue, the national depression initiative.

Organised by the Sydney University Law Society (SULS), the race was the first time Sydney law students have run together in support of this cause.

SULS Sports Director Ally Chappell said that as well as raising money, the students also hoped to draw attention to the overrepresentation of illnesses like depression in the legal profession.

"The NSW Brain and Mind Institute have conducted research that suggests as many as 40 per cent of law students suffer serious depression.

"Across the profession, they estimate that 31 per cent of solicitors and 19 per cent of barristers also struggle with depression," Ally said.

"That's why we're running, to bring mental health issues like depression out into the open

and to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

"We want students suffering depression to know that they are not alone and that help is available."

Over the past two years the Sydney University Law Society has run a broader range of events and activities, which stand in contrast to the drinking culture traditionally associated with law societies.

"The City2Surf is an important part of the society's efforts to build a supportive and healthy community within the Law School," said Director, Hannah Quadrio

"In addition to organising a team for the City2Surf event, SULS recently lobbied the federal government for greater investment in mental health services for young adults."

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