The Sydney Juris Doctor (JD)

24 August 2010

The 2011 Sydney Juris Doctor (JD) Guide is now available.

The 44 page document outlines Sydney Law School's new professional graduate entry law degree and includes information on the following:

  • Exchange opportunities
  • Offshore opportunities
  • Social justice program
  • Careers and employment services
  • Program structure
  • Learning and teaching methods
  • Teaching and assessment principles
  • Professional recognition
  • Units of study
  • Scholarships

The Sydney Juris Doctor (JD) ushers in a new era for the Sydney Law School and its teaching of law at graduate level.

A comprehensive three-year degree, it will have an unrivalled international focus, where you will receive a comprehensive overview of the practice and profession of the law in Australia and how it relates globally, transnationally and internationally.

The Dean, Professor Gillian Triggs will deliver a presentation on the Sydney Juris Doctor (JD) at the University of Sydney's Graduate Options Expo:

The Sydney Juris Doctor (JD)

New Law Building Annex Lecture Theatre 101
22 September 2010


Applications are now open for international candidates through the University's International Office while applications for domestic candidates open through the postgraduate portal of the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) on 9 September 2010.

Classes commence on 21 February 2011.

Register for the Dean's Presentation on the Sydney JD at the Graduate Options Expo

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