Law and Social Reality

24 August 2010

Law and Social Reality

Sydney Law School Postgraduate Student Conference 2010

9.00am-6.30pm, Friday 29 October

Call for papers

Emerging social, environment and economic issues create complex issues for legal scholars to investigate. How do we undertake successful law reform? How are legal developments translated into social change? What are the consequences of law's application to problems such as climate change, human rights abuses and economic reform?

Sydney Law School invites post-graduate research students in law and associated disciplines in the social sciences and humanities to present on these and related issues, particularly:

  • Law reform in response to new social, environment and economic issues
  • The differences between 'law-in-books' and 'law-in-action'
  • The consequences of law's application to social problems
  • Law and the social sciences, empirical research or social theory
  • Social justice and the law

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Contact: Greg Sherington

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