Success in Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects for 2011

26 October 2010

Sydney Law School would like to congratulate its relevant staff members on acquiring five ARC Discovery Projects to commence in 2011:

Dr Simon Butt

Indonesia's Constitutional Court: Safeguarding Democratic Transition?

This project analyses the Indonesian Constitutional Court's decisions in election-related cases. It examines the Court's role in maintaining democracy and, ultimately, the national unity of Indonesia. By explaining how Indonesian democracy 'works', this project will enhance Australia's economic, political and cultural engagement with Indonesia.

2011-2014 (Includes an Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship)

Dr Fleur Johns, Associate Professor Ben Saul, Professor Philip Hirsch (Faculty of Science) and Emeritus Professor Ben Boer

Mekong Laws: Scales, Sites and Impacts of 'Hard' and 'Soft' Law in Mekong River Basin Governance

This project will make clearer how law - operating nationally, regionally and internationally - is affecting decision-making surrounding scarce resources of the Mekong River Basin. It will provide a more informed basis for directing Australian aid to the Mekong River Basin, while helping improve prospects for long-term regional peace and security.


Associate Professor Gail Mason and Professor Leslie Moran (Birkbeck College)

Hate Crime Laws and Justice

This project will investigate how the criminal law and justice system can provide an effective but even-handed response to the problem of prejudice-related crime. It will make recommendations to assist in the formulation of law in this area and advance scholarship on crime and punishment.


Professor Wojciech Sadurski, Professor Martin Krygier (UNSW) and Dr Adam Czarnota (UNSW)

1989 and the Rule of Law Revolutions

This project explores three elements of the post-1989 worldwide rule of law revolution: constitutionalism, 'dealing with the past', and rule of law promotion. Australia increasingly seeks to promote the rule of law internationally, but these efforts draw on an inadequate base of knowledge and theory. This project work will expand that base.


Associate Professor Anne Twomey

A comparative study of the prerogative and reserve powers in Commonwealth nations

This project will compare and analyse the exercise of unwritten executive powers (such as emergency powers and the power to dismiss governments) in Commonwealth countries with similar systems of government to ours. It will assist in developing good governance in our region and a better understanding of the limits of executive power in Australia.


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