Law and Development

2 November 2010

Sydney Law School is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Daniel Rowland as its new Law and Development Advisor.

Situated within the Dean's Executive Team, the position is responsible for advising onthe strategic direction, coordination and advancement of the Law School's research, teaching and consultancy activities in law and development across all of its centres, institutes and clusters.

It promotes and advocates for the Law School with national and international policy drivers and with key agencies funding law and development projects such as AusAID, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and also with foreign governments.

"I don't know of any other 'law and development advisor' in an Australian university law school," Mr Rowland said.

"But I take it as a recognition by theLaw School and and the University that there is a role for someone like myself - who has spent the past 21+ years in senior federal legal positions, including the past 10 years as AusAID's Senior Law and Justice Adviser - to help develop the Law School's interaction with the world of law and development - be it through applied research, teaching, consultancy or other activities."

Mr Rowland said that the Law School faces some exciting challenges ahead.

"From my perspective, the Law School appears to be increasingly engaged and recognised as an active player in the Asia Pacific region.

"I think one major challenge beyond helping to expand relevant work and to find new sources of funding, is finding new ways to engage with policy makers at the national and international levels on current issues of law and development in the Asia Pacific region, including topics such as human rights, legal and judicial reform, access to justice and legal empowerment, security sector reform and others.

"I look forward to these challenges."

Contact: Greg Sherington

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