Paralegal Work

16 November 2010

Penultimate year law student, Alison Cranney talks about her experiences working as a Paralegal in Commercial Law for Allen & Overy in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald.

Alison was offered the position when interviewing for a summer clerkship, which she will begin in December.

"Doing paralegal work is a good opportunity to get some hands-on experience to see if you like the sector," Alison said.

"There are a certain number of subjects that cover a wide range of legal areas, but doing paralegal work allows you to get some specialisation in an area of law that you may be interested in."

Alison said she is doing work in banking and finance, which is intellectually stimulating and helps her learn about the sector.

"I am doing research, proof reading, preparing documents and it is a great combination of getting experience and getting paid as well," she said.

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