Alumna appointed as President of the IMF Administrative Tribunal

13 January 2011

Photo courtesy of Who's Who South Africa

Congratulations to Judge Catherine M. O'Regan (LLM 1982) on her appointment as President of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Administrative Tribunal.

Judge O'Regan, a citizen of South Africa and the UK, served for one year on the IMF Administrative Tribunal as a member judge before taking the position of Tribunal President.

She brings to the position not only over 15 years' experience as a judge, including on the Constitutional Court of South Africa and the Supreme Court of Namibia, but also her recent, highly relevant experience as Chairperson of the United Nations Internal Justice Council.

As required by Article VII of the Statute of the Administrative Tribunal, Judge O'Regan's appointment was approved by the Executive Board following consultation with the SAC, which has played a very constructive role in the process, fully supporting the choice of JudgeO'Regan as Tribunal President.

The IMF Administrative Tribunal was formally established on January 13, 1994 with its jurisdiction reaching back to October 15, 1992.

It is an independent judicial forum whose purpose is to decide on employment disputes between the IMF and the IMF's staff.

Each case is heard by a panel of three judges: the Tribunal president plus two other member judges.

As with similar tribunals, the Tribunal rules on the legality of individual decisions.

THe IMF's Administrative Tribunal can also decide on the legality of a rule itself and has the authority to review Board or management decisions directly and to pronounce on their legality, not just in terms of an individual case but with applicability across-the-board.

Tribunal decisions are final and binding and cannot be appealed.

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