Sydney Law School 2011 Jessup World Champions

28 March 2011

The Team from left to right: Patrick Bateman, Patrick Wall, Chris Beshara, Chelsea Tabart, Natalie Zerial, Glenn Kembrey and Dr Tim Stephens

A team of students from Sydney Law School were named 2011 World Champions of the Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition on Saturday, 26 March 2011.
The team won the Jessup Cup after defeating the team from Columbia Law School in the final.

Previously, the team emerged first from the preliminary round comprising 130 international teams and it comprised:

  • Patrick Bateman (final year Economic & Social Sciences/Law)
  • Chris Beshara (final year Arts/Law)
  • Glenn Kembrey (final year Arts/Law)
  • Chelsea Tabart (final year Graduate Law)
  • Patrick Wall (final year Arts/Law)

"This is an outstanding achievement demonstrating how talented and dedicated to excellence our students are," said the Dean, Professor Gillian Triggs.

"I would also like to recognise the moot judges from the legal profession and among our faculty who have given many hours to the practice moots over the last few weeks and to mastering the complex law and facts raised by the problem.

"As always, the Law School relies heavily on the support of staff and adjuncts for the success of the entire mooting program.

"We will celebrate in fitting style when the team return!"

The team was coached by Natalie Zerial (BA '05, LLB '07) from the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department, with Sydney Law School's Dr Tim Stephens (BA '97, LLB '99, PhD '06) acting as Faculty Advisor.

The team were 3rd best overall in memorials.

In adddition, the three speakers in the team eligible for speakers prizes (as they mooted twice or more in the preliminary rounds) were in the top 25 presenters - Patrick Bateman, Glenn Kembrey and Chris Beshara.

Chris Beshara was named 2nd best speaker overall.

Sydney first won in 1996 when Professor Don Rothwell was coach, and again in 2007 with Justin Hogan-Doran as coach.
"The team received this further bevy of awards later in the evening, recognising their achievements both as advocates and as authors of exceptionally well researched and persuasive written briefs," said Dr Stephens.

"The international administrators joked that perhaps they should place a handicap on Australian teams.

"Australian law schools have now won the Jessup on 10 occasions since 1977, when Emeritus Professor Ivan Shearer first brought the competition to Australia. "

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