Australia at bottom of VAT pack

31 March 2011

Professor Michael Dirkis comments on a OECD report that states Australia languishes behind its peers when it comes to raising consumption tax revenue.

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Professor Dirkis says that welfare groups are concerned by the disproportionate impact GST had on lower income households.

He stipulates that changing the GST rate and base would be politically unsavoury as it was paid to states, not to the federal government.

"As we saw in the hospital debate, most aren't willing to give up their GST."

Professor Dirkis also conducted interviews with The Wire in respect of the call by the Greens to limit company tax cuts to companies with turnovers less than $250 million and with Radio 2UE on the Federal Government's decision to review the distribution of GST revenue between the states and territories.

In addition, Professor Dirkis conducted interviews with ABC Radio 702's The Morning Show by Deborah Cameron on the tax treatment of savings and the need to treat savings on the same basis as other investments such as superannuation and ABC Radio Australia Sundays with James O'Loghlin on tax deductions for individuals.

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