Crack down on asylum seekers

28 April 2011

Professor Mary Crock comments on the Government's latest announcement on asylum seekers in a segment for ABC TV's 7.30.

The Gillard Government announced that any asylum seeker caught breaking the law whilst in detention won't be able to get a permanent visa even if they're a legitimate refugee.
"The announcement is one that is clearly designed to try to get control back in the detention centres," Professor Crock asserts.

"Sothey're trying to send a message to people in detention.

"They're also, however, trying to send a message to the Australian population thatthey're being tough on these people.

The problem, I think, is that it's not likely to be very effective, probably at either level.

"Further, the basic problem that we have is that we've had very silly policies for the last two years, and instead of actually turning around and addressing that fact, addressing the long delays that people have been facing, what we have is the Government turning around and trying to penalise the people who are protesting."

View the segment - Gillard Government cracks down on asylum seekers - 7.30

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