Whaling in the Antarctic

11 May 2011

The Dean, Professor Gillian Triggs discusses Australia's case against Japanese scientific whaling acitivies in the Antarctic before the International Court of Justice in the Hague in an interview with ABC News 24.

"The essential argument to the ICJ will be that Japan, like Australia, is a party to the International Convention on the regulation of whaling," Professor Triggs said.

"Through that Covention Body, whaling since 1986 has been effectively prohibited and there is now a moratorium on anykind of commercial whaling.

"The argument by the Australian Government is that such whaling is not permitted under that ban and that the exception that Japan relys on, that is scientific whaling, is in effect not genuinely scientific, that is the core of the argument."

View the footage online - Expert discusses Japanese whaling case - ABC News 24

Professor Gillian Triggs is the Dean of Sydney Law School and holds the University of Sydney's Challis Chair in International Law.

She advised Humane Society International on its case against a Japanese Whaling company before the Federal Court of Australia.

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