Caught in the cross-fire

11 May 2011

Dr Murray Lee comments on the potential for innocent members of the public to be caught up in a targeted shooting.

Speaking to Channel Ten News Sydney, in the context of the latest shootings involving Sydney's infamous Ibrahim family, Dr Murray says that even though the recent spate of shootings have apparently been targeted, residents and members of the public could still be caught in the cross-fire.

"Innocent bystanders can be injured, innocent family members of the intended target can be injured."

Dr Murray Lee is a Senior Lecturer at the Sydney Law School and is Director of the Sydney Institute of Criminology.

He is the author of Inventing Fear of Crime: Criminology and the Politics of Anxiety and co-author of Fear of Crime: Critical Voices in and Age of Anxiety.

His current research interests involve the spatial distribution and dynamics of crime and criminalisation in South Western Sydney, crime and social isolation, and fear of crime.

View the entire footage - Ibrahim brothers return to court - Channel Ten News

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