Federal Budget 2011

12 May 2011

Professor Michael Dirkis gives his reaction to the 2011 Federal Budget in an interview with Lawyers Weekly.

"We are certainly seeing the money come in for things like biosecurity systems and green pathways for native animals, which is all very positive, as is the drought proofing and the start of the sustainable cities regime.

"They are all good starting points," he said.

"It is disappointing to see some initiatives removed, such as the solar schools and the deferral of the green buildings initiative.

"They realise that they can't do everything."

"Like everyone, I'm disappointed - but it's not unexpected - that we have nothing on the carbon price process.

"You expect to see a wide spread of different initiatives across a broad range of solutions, and at this stage they are holding off making any major announcements until they get the carbon price sorted."

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