Postgraduate applications still open for mid-year entry

24 May 2011

Sydney Law School is still accepting applications for mid-year entry into the Sydney LLM and its postgraduate coursework program.

Sydney Law School continues to offer one of Australia's largest postgraduate programmes in law, with over 160 units of study scheduled to be taught in 2011.

80% of these units of study will be delivered in the popular intensive format, where units can be completed in four to five days, either in a block or consecutive format.

In addition, Sydney Law School will offer over 30 new units of study in 2011.

The new units for semester 2 2011 include:

Applications are open for all specialist coursework degrees, including the Master of Global Law (MGlobL).

Candidates can also enrol in this subject on a Legal Professional Development (LPD), Single Unit Enrolment, Non-Degree or Cross-Institutional basis.

Contact: Greg Sherington

Phone: +61 2 9351 0202

Email: 30272f1d411f5f070a2418032d262873211133242c2c5f535233614a16