Reform to the Family Law Act

26 May 2011

Professor Patrick Parkinson AM says the Gillard Government's family law reform Bill will not affect the vast majority of separated families.

In an interview with ABC Radio National's Breakfast Program, he says it's a step in the right direction, albeit one that does not step too far.

"There's much more we could be doing to improve the system in terms of protecting kids and in protecting victims of violence," he asserts.

"However, it requires resources andit requires services.

"Changing the Act only changes the margins because most cases are decided without a Judge.

"About 93per cent of cases are resolved without the Judge giving a judgement.

"Changing how Judges decide cases concerns only seven per cent of all the cases in the family law system.

"While these changes help, they don't really make a huge difference.

"What would make a huge difference is to have resources for investigation and assessment at an early stage of the process."

Listen to or download the audio - Rally in Canberra to reform Family Law Act - ABC Radio National Breakfast

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