Aspects of European Commercial Law

20 June 2011

This new unit of study examines the manner in which European commercial law has been shaped by European Union law.

Aspects of European Commercial Law will focus on aspects of commercial law in the European Union and the relationship of EU law and national law.

Topics covered include:

  • European commercial law
  • European Union law
  • Common commercial policy
  • European Contract law
  • Development of the Single Market
  • Aspects of European Union's external commercial relations

Anne McNaughton from the Australian National University (ANU) College of Law will deliver the unit.

Her research interests are in contract and commercial law, European Law, comparative commercial law and regulation. She teaches contract, international business transactions and European Union law.

She has an article coming out later this year in the Australian Journal of International Affairs: 'Integrating services markets: a comparison of European Union and Australian experiences.' ((2011) 64(4) Australian Journal of International Affairs, pp.452 - 466).

Recent publications feature Linda Botterill and Anne McNaughton, "At the intersection of international and municipal law: The case of Commissioner Cole and the Wheat Export Authority" Chapter 10 in Jeremy Farrall and Kim Rubenstein,Sanctions, Accountability and Governance in a Globalised World, Cambridge University Press, 2009 and Linda Courtney Botterill and Anne McNaughton, "Laying the Foundations for the Wheat Scandal: UN Sanctions, Private Actors and the Cole Inquiry' (2008) 43(4) Australian Journal of Political Science 583.

She is a Chief Investigator on an ARCLinkage Grant, 'Australia and the European Union: A study of a changing trade and business relationship.'

The unit is available to study through the following Sydney Law School degree programmes:

Candidates can also enrol in this subject on a Legal Professional Development (LPD), Single Unit Enrolment or Cross-Institutional basis.

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