Constituting Law

6 July 2011

The Dean, Professor Gillian Triggs examines Law and Uses of International Thought in this new book on legal argument and social values.

Constituting Law: Legal Argument and Social Values, edited by Barristers, Justin Gleeson and Ruth Higgins, explores the possibilities, application and limitations of principles that bear upon legal reasoning.

In her Chapter entitled Law and Uses of Internatioal Thought, Professor Triggs notes that, "The history of engagement by the Australian judiciary with international law and comparative or 'foreign' law is marked by caution, ambivalence and, sometimes, outright hostility.

"Over recent years the historical reluctance of judges to consider international materials has given way to an enlightened willingness to take account of treaties and customary law, and of the jurisrpudence of nations with comparable legal systems."

Other contributors include:

The Hon Justice William Gummow AC (BA 1962, LLB 1965, LLM 1970, LLD 1992)

The Hon Justice JD Heydon AC (BA 1964, LLD 2007)

The Hon Ian DF Callinan AC

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP (BA 1977, LLB 1978)

The Hon Justice John Basten

The Hon Justice Arthur R Emmett (BA 1964, LLB 1961, LLM 1976, LLD 2009)

The Hon JJ Spigelman AC (BA 1967, LLB 1971, LLD 2004)

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