Carbon Price Plan to strengthen Australia's hand

13 July 2011

Australia may no longer be on the back foot in global climate negotiations if the Carbon Price Plan is passed, according to Dr Tim Stephens.

According to a report in today's Sydney Morning Herald, if the policy measures are passed by Parliament, Australia will head into the next round of United Nations negotiations in Durban in November as one of 31 nations that put a price on carbon.

The Kyoto Protocol expires next year and there is no binding international agreement to replace it, after slow progress at previous UN conferences in Copenhagen, Cancun and Bangkok.

The ratification of the protocol by the former prime minister Kevin Rudd ''did have a significant effect on our standing and negotiating position - this is just as useful, in fact, probably more so,'' says Dr Stephens.

''It lets our voice be heard, and it will be a catalyst for Australia to be taken seriously. It strengthens our hand.

''Until now, we have always been on the back foot in these type of negotiations, because we turn up and say we've done nothing and we expect other countries to do something.''

View the entire article - Australia will have renewed authority in next global talks - Sydney Morning Herald

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