Global Energy & Resources Law

2 August 2011

This intensive unit of study provides perspectives on global energy security, international access to energy resources and the resolution of cross-jurisdictional energy access disputes.

Global Energy and Resources Law aims to promote an understanding of the global regulatory and financial aspects of the management of energy resources including uranium, coal, petroleum and gas.

The development of renewable energy sources is also considered.

In addition, one day of the unit will be devoted to the national and international priority of ensuring access to energy resources.

Key topics include:

  • Resolving International Energy Access Disputes
  • Energy Resources and Approvals
  • Dealings and Registrations
  • Australian Environmental Protection Law
  • International Trade, WTO and access to resources
  • Energy security law and the Asian region
  • Project finance
  • Energy traing (future, swaps and hedges)and Resources Rent Tax
  • Competition Law and Third Party Access
  • Energy resources and regulation of greenhouse gas emissions

The unit will be convened by the Dean, Professor Gillian Triggs, and Professor Rosemary Lyster, who holds the Sydney Law School Chair in Climate and Environmental Law.

All students are invited to attend the Kevin McCann Annual Lecture on Energy and Resources at 6pm on Tuesday, 27 September 2011, to be given by the Hon Martin Ferguson AM MP, Minister for Energy and Resources.

The unit is available to study through the following Sydney Law School degree programmes:

Candidates can also enrol in this subject on a Legal Professional Development (LPD), Single Unit Enrolment or Cross-Institutional basis.

For further enquiries or to apply or enrol, please contact the Postgraduate Team.

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